"CONPAS" Mailing List

There is "CONPAS" mailing list which you can join to discuss issues of problem solving and to be automatically notified of important dates and decisions with respect to the coming sessions of the workshop "Computer Networks: Problems & Solutions"

A few words about our mailing list. This list is not a moderated one, and is absolutely free to subscription for the participants of the workshop, as well as for any other person. The discussion list has the same name, as the workshop, working language is, preferable, English. Send your notes to conpas@rssi.ru, and they will be distributed to all members of the list. Any person, interesting in problems of computer networking, is welcome. We hope that in the framework of this list all members and participants of our workshop will have an opportunity to exchange their opinions, and discuss problems they met.

Let me attract your attention to the name of the list once more to avoid "undeliverable" errors with your mail. CONPAS is an abbreviation of COmputer Networks: Problems And Solutions. So, letter "N" in the name is not a misprint, but stands for "networks". In the same time we all hope that our list should be your compass in networking.

Another thing, which is important, but may be confusing... There are two email addresses to communicate with the mailing list. The first one, which was mentioned above, is for notes distributing between people. The second one is listproc@rssi.ru This address is for commands, such as subscribe, signoff and others. On the other hand, you should not send a note to this address asking about the agenda of the next session of the workshop or something like that.

You can join the list by sending mail to ListProc with the body of the email containing the following command: subscribe CONPAS Your Full Name. No subject is recommended when sending a command to ListProc.

And the last in conclusion. If you will meet problems with CONPAS mailing list or with ListProc, if you will not be able to subscribe or unsubscribe it by yourself, ask me, Andrew Ananjev andy@iki.rssi.ru for assistance. I will be glad to help you.