IDL routines for Key Parameters

Following IDL routines are intended for plotting KP data in IDL. Same routines were used to make GIF plots of KP available on WWW. Routines are named according to KP conventions .

Usage example:

    IDL routine to plot "itc" files  with the CORALL (ion moments) data:     

    itcview, 'itc52411.dat' or itcview, 'KP/INTERBALL/itc52411.dat'
    where 'itc52411.dat' - input file. This should be original ASCII 
    file from KP archive with original filename. It is possible     
    to add pathname to it, e.g., 'KP/INTERBALL/itc52411.dat'     
Routines are written for the use in UNIX system. To use in MS Windows, change device name in the call of the "set_plot" from "X" to "WIN"

Routines plot data on a screen and ask for the confirmation to make a PS file. Postscript file will be in the directory of data file.

Routines are optimized for PS output, so plots on a screen look somewhat ugly (not all strings are readable).


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