INTERBALL-TAIL Key Parameter News

Octeber 27, 2004
New version of magnetic field data (descriptor "itm") is now available with small corrections in offsets and attitude coverage.
June 19, 1999
Full set of INTERBALL-TAIL AKR radiointensity KP for AKR instrument is now available (descriptor "ita").
March 31, 1999
KP data availability plots are created.
March 4, 1999
Magnetic field data (descriptor "itm") after 1st January, 1998 are recomputed with corrected Bx_GSE offset (this was just 0.5 nT correction).
February 15, 1999
CDF files for plasma wave KP are now available (descriptor "itw").
September 20, 1998
1995-1997 ASCII and CDF KP files are now accessible via WWW using the same interface as daily plots.
September 20, 1998
All 1997 INTERBALL-TAIL KP are opened for everybody. See access rules for variants of downloading.
September 15, 1998
INTERBALL-TAIL plasma wave KP are now available with 2-min resolution. (Version 1 of descriptor "itw".) It includes 7-point frequency spectra and magnetic field variance in 2-min interval. (Year 1995 files are temporary unavailable).
July 15, 1998
INTERBALL-TAIL orbit KP are now available with 2-min resolution. (Version 3 of descriptor "ito".)
May 15, 1998
VDP daily plots are added to database and are available via WWW. (antisunward ion flux, descriptor "itf"). Also IDL routine to make PostScript files.
May 14, 1998
Digital data are separated in subdirectories according to years on the lowest level (e.g. itm/1995, itm/1996, itm/1997 ...).
April 19, 1998
All data for 1995 and 1996 have free access (including anonymous ftp to STDA).
February, 1998
All 1996 data are submitted to CDAWeb
December, 1997
Daily plots of all INTERBALL-TAIL KP are now available on WWW.

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