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State award of Russian Federation for 2000

Novikov B.S., Sunyaev R.A., Tamkovich G.M., Terekhov O.V., Babyshkin V.E., Cerenin I.D., Kustodiev V.D., Glinkin Yu.N.

For research of Black Holes and Neutron stars with GRANAT X-ray and gamma-ray astrophysical observatory in 1990-1998.

Catherine Wolfe Bruce gold medal

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, has awarded its highest honor, the Catherine Wolfe Bruce gold medal, for lifetime contributions to astronomy since 1898. Academician Rashid Sunyaev has been awarded in 2000 for theoretical and experimental results at cosmology relativistic astrophysics and high energy astrophysics.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) founded in San Francisco in 1889. The only three other Russian scientists has got such a medal: V.A.Ambartsumyan (1960), I.S.Shklovsky (1972), Ya.B.Zeldovich (1983).
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Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine awarded M.P. Barabashov prize 10 April 1999 to G.S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan for series of papers on “Development of methods of multidimensional hydrodynamics and their application to actual problems of modern astrophysics”.

Award Winning Publications and Books

The best scientific articles of 1999 (awards of IAPC-Nauka) are:
  • Series of papers devoted to the analysis of charged particle dynamics in the Earth"s magnetoshere.
    Zelenyi L.M., Vainshtein D.L.,Zogin V.G.,Neishtadt A.I., Savenkov B.V.

  • "Discovery of a Jet in the Region of H2O Supermaser Emission in Orion KL"
    L.I.Matveyenko, P.J.Diamond, and D.A.Graham
The minor planet named (2000):
  • (7394) Xanthomalitia = 1985QX4
The best professional and scholarly book of 1998 in physics and astronomy (award of the Association of American Publishers)
  • New Perspectives on the Earth's Magnetotail" published by the American Geophysical Union with the article "Multiscale Magnetic Structure of the Distant TAIL : Sels-consistent fractal approach."
    L.Zeleny, A.Milovanov, G.Zimbardo.

The best scientific articles of 1998 (awards of IAPC-Nauka) are:
The best scientific article of 1998 (award of PLENUM publishing house) is:
  • Stability and nonuniqueness of axisymmetric flows in rotating spherical layers (nonlinear theory)
    Astafyeva N.M.
    "Fluid Dynamics" [1998, Vol.33, n1 p.61-69]

Second prize of 1997 (award of IAPC-Nauka) is:
  • Water vapour in the lower atmosphere of Venus: a new analysis of optical spectra measured by entry probes.
    Ignatiev N.I., Moroz V.I., Moshkin B.E., Ekonomov A.P., Gnedykh V.I, Grigoriev A.V.
    "Cosmic Research" [1997, Vol 33, n1 p.3-17]

The best scientific articles of 1995 (awards of IAPC-Nauka) are:
  • Nonlinear Quasistationary Electrostatic Structures in Magnetospheric Plasma
    A.V. Volosevich and Yu.I. Galperin
    "Cosmic Research" [1995, Vol 33, n1 p.48-56]

  • Nonlinear Quasistationary Electrostatic Waves and Solitonlike Structures in Collisional Polar E-Region Plasma
    A.V. Volosevich, Yu.I. Galperin and A.G. Sugakevich
    "Cosmic Research" [1995, Vol 33, n1 p.57-63]

  • Two-Dimensional Model of Fields and Currents of the Auroral Arc at the Edge of an Inverted-V Structure
    Yu.I. Galperin and A.V. Volosevich
    "Cosmic Research" [1995, Vol 33, n3 p.227-231]

  • Terekhov O.V., Denisenko D.V., Sunyaev R.A., Lobachev V.A., Kuznetsov A.V., Kovtun A.V., Tkachenko A.Yu., Lapshov I.Yu. et al. - 4 papers in "Astronomy Letters" devoted to the results of investigation of cosmic gamma-ray bursts with GRANAT.