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Director of the Space Research Institute RAS: Corresponding member of RAS, prof. Lev M. Zelenyi

Deputy Directors:

  • Dr. Oleg I. Korablev
  • Dr. Evgeny A. Loupian
  • Dr. Ravil R. Nazirov
  • Dr. Mikhail N. Pavlinsky

    Scientific Secretary: Dr. Alexander V. Zakharov

    Scientific Council:

    Dr. Genrikh A. AvanessovProf. Gennadii S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
    Dr. Evgeny M. ChurazovAcademician Albert A. Galeev
    Dr. Marat R. GilfanovDr. Sergei A. Grebenev
    Dr. Stanislav I. KlimovDr. Oleg I. Korablev
    Dr. Rostislav A. KovrazhkinDr. Yurii A. Kravtsov
    Dr. Leonid V. KsanfomalityDr. Viacheslav M. Linkin
    Dr. Evgeny A. LoupianProf. Vasily I. Moroz
    Dr. Ravil R. NazirovDr. Alexander V. Rodin
    Academician Roald Z. SagdeevDr. Igor A. Strukov
    Academician Rashid A. SunyaevDr. Oleg V. Tereknov
    Dr. Alexander V. ZakharovDr. Georgy N. Zastenker
    Prof. Lev M. Zelenyi


  • 52, Department of High Energy Astrophysics headed by Academician Rashid A. Sunyaev
  • 53, Department of Planetary Exploration headed by Prof. Vasily I. Moroz
  • 54, Department of Space Plasma Physics headed by
  • 603, Laboratory of telecommunication facilities headed by Dr. Viacheslav Lavroussevich
  • 606, Laboratory headed by Dr. Leonid Matveenko
  • 608, Laboratory headed by Dr. Igor G. Mitrofanov
  • 61, Department headed by Dr. Igor A. Strukov
  • 62, Department of Cosmogeophysics headed by Dr. Nikolay S. Erokhin
  • 63, Department of Microwave Remote Sensing of the Earth headed by Dr. Yurii A. Kravtsov
  • 701, Laboratory of technological support of scientific experiments headed by Dr. Valery I. ostenko
  • 72, Department headed by Dr. Vyacheslav G. Rodin
  • 73, Department of On-board program controlled systems headed by Dr. Boris S. Novikov
  • 74, Department of Optico-Physical Studies headed by Dr. Genrikh A. Avanessov
  • 771, Laboratory of Development and supporting of On-Line data processing systems headed by Dr. Vladimir N. Nazarov
  • 81, Department of Space Dynamics and Data Processing headed by Dr. Ravil R. Nazirov
  • 85, Department headed by Dr. Lev C. Chesalin
  • 86, Department of Networks Engineering and Management headed by Dr. Alexandr B. Alexandrov
  • 900, Laboratory headed by Dr. George G. Managadze
  • 902, Laboratory of Space Monitoring Information Support headed by Dr. Evgeny A. Loupian
  • 303, Group of Remote Sensing and Environmental Modelling headed by Dr. Victor V. Egorov
  • 301, Group the Institute Scientific Secretary headed by Olga M. Obraztsova
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