30.09 - 2.10.2015


2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the SPACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (IKI) of RUSSIAN ACADEMY of SCIENCES (RAS). The Institute has been created on Russian Academy of Sciences President, Academician M.V. Keldysh’s initiative at the beginning of a Space Age opened by the launch of the First Artificial Earth Satellite.
The Institute holds the Science Sessions "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" devoted to this event in Space Research Institute RAS.
Date: on September, 30th and on October, 1st, 2015
Time: at 10:00
Address: Moscow, Profsoyuznaya Street 84/32

The Grand Meeting will take place in Conference Hall of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (HQ).
Date: on October, 2nd, 2015
Time: at 11:00
Address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospect 32ą, Entrance 6, Conference Hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

We also inform you that during the week after this event (5-9 October 2015) the 6th Moscow Solar System Symposium (6MS3) will be held in IKI.
We plan to arrange some sightseeing activities during the weekend, 3-4 October 2015.

How to reach Space Research Institute (IKI)
How to reach Conference Hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • "Afterword to Foreword". The interview with the director of Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Lev M. Zelenyi

  • Šrogram of the Science Sessions and the Grand Meeting
    30.0930 September
    Space Research Institute, Conference Hall
     Science sessions "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (1)
    Chair: Mikhail Pavlinsky
    10:00L. ZelenyiOpening remarks
    10.10A. GimenezSpace Science in ESA: From Horizon 2000 to Cosmic Vision
    10.35Wu JiCooperation with Russia on space science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    11.00V. SolovievISS- new technologies and science
    11.25J. BlamontSome views on the future exploration of the Solar System
    12.10K.-H. GlassmeierModes of Interaction Between a Comet and the Solar Wind
    12.30R. RodrigoOSIRIS on-board Rosetta: First Science results
    12.50T. GombosiFrom comet Halley to comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko: A personal Journey
    13.10L. KsanfomalityVEGA was the first
     Science sessions "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2)
    Chair: Andrey Fedorov
    14.30J. OberstMercury Geodesy and Cartography — After MESSENGER Before BepiColombo
    14.50V. KrasnopolskyPlanetary Atmospheres: Studies by Earth Orbiting and Ground-Based Observatories
    15.10O. KorablevPlanetary science in IKI
    15.30I. MitrofanovMartian journey of DAN onboard Curiosity
    15.50A. PonomarenkoAutomatic spacecraft for scientific research
    16.30J. BuechnerSpace Plasmas from the Earth to the Sun - 50 years of a theory school and future directions
    16.50J. Semkova Scientific cooperation between Bulgaria and IKI-Moscow: from Bulgaria-1300 to ExoMars
    17.10S. SharmaMagnetic reconnection in electron current sheets
    17.30A. PetrukovichPlasma exploration in space
    17.50A. KosovichevInvestigation of the interior structure of the Sun and mechanisms of solar activity
    18.30Richter Foundation Concert
    Welcome Party
    1.101 October
    Space Research Institute, Conference Hall
     Science sessions "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (3)
    Chair: Atsuhiro Nishida
    10:00S. TsunetaProgram and planning at ISAS/JAXA-Space Science
    10.25R. SunyaevHigh energy astrophysics in IKI
    10.50N. KardashevRadioastron in space
    11.10M. PanasyukCosmic rays - ambassadors of unknown
    11.30M. GilfanovAccreting black holes and neutron stars in star-forming galaxies
    12.10R. LundinIKI - IRF: 40 years of the Swedish - Russian collaboration in space research
    12.35C. PietersThe Inspiring 50++ Years of Lunar Exploration
    13.00S. BartalevTerrestrial ecosystem monitoring from space
     Science sessions "Space Science: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (4)
    Chair: Thomas Duxbury
    14.30M. BalikhinCollisionless shockwaves long way to understand
    14.55J.-P. BibringFrom comets to Mars together with IKI: building new paradigms of the solar system evolution
    15.20G. HaerendelFifty Years of Substorms Research and its Prospects
    15.45J. HeadSpace Science Cooperation with the United States: The Brown University Example
    16.30Round table: Space Science: Quo Vadis?
    Moderators: R. Bonnet, J. Head, M. Marov
    18.45IKI amateur concert party in three parts (in Russian)
    2.102 October
    Russian academy of sciences HQ, Conference Hall
     Meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Space Research Institute
    11.00V.E. FortovOpening
    11.15L.M. ZelenyiAlong the thorny pass of Space Science. 50 years journey
    12.00R.M. BonnetIKI: 50 years of vision, of science and international friendship
    12.30Messages from IKI colleagues and friends
    14.30 - 15.30LUNCH
    16.00 - 18.30Movie and Concert: IKI in the Space Era
    18.30 - 19.00Transfer to IKI (by buses)
    19.00 - 22.00Reception