Space Research Institute
Институт Космических Исследований
Space Research Institute

   Luna-27 (Luna-Resurs-Lander) payload
  InstrumentMeasurements/OperationsMass (kg)Organization
1ADRON-LRActive neutron and gamma-ray analysis of regolith6,7IKI
2Analytic complexChromatographic and mass spectroscopy analysis of volatiles content and chemical composition10,4IKI + U of Bern
3ARIES-LMeasurements of plasma of exosphere4,6IKI
4LASMA-LRLaser mass-spectrometer2,8IKI + U of Bern
5LIS-TV-RPMIR spectrometry of minerals and TV imaging2,0IKI
6LINAMeasurements of plasma and neutrals4,6IKI + ISP (Sweden)
7PmLMeasurements of dust and micrometeorites1,5IKI
8Radio-BeaconRadio signal with very high stability1,7IKI
9RATRadio measurements of thermal property of regolith0,5IKI
10SEISMO-LRMeasurements of seismic activity1,6IFZ
11TV-SpectrometerUV and optical imaging of minerals with UV excitation0,5IKI
12TERMO-LMeasurements of thermal properties of regolith2,0GEOKHI
13STS-LTV imaging of panoramas and area near Lander4,6IKI
14Laser Retro ReflectorMoon libration and Moon ranging experiments1NPO SPP
15BUNIPower and data support of science5,0IKI