Vladimir B. Kolmanovskii



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Monographs (with coauthors)

  1. Optimal Control under Stochastic Disturbances. Moscow,Nauka,1978
  2. Stability and Periodic Solutions of Controlled Systems with Delay. Moscow, Nauka,1981.
  3. Creep Theory of Nonhomogeneous Bodies. Moscow,Nauka,1983
  4. Stability of Functional Differential Equations.London, Academic Press,1986
  5. Mathematical Theory of Systems. Moscow, Nauka, 1986
  6. Mathematical Theory of Control Systems Design. Moscow, Higher School Edition, 1989
  7. Stress-strain States of the Vessels and High Blood Pressure Disease. Moscow, Nauka,1990
  8. Stability of Viscoelstic Systems. Saratov University Press, 1991
  9. Control of Systems with delay.Moscow, Nauka,1992
  10. Applied Theory of Functional Differential Equations. Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers,1992
  11. Stability in Viscoelasticity. Amsterdam, Elsevier Science,1994
  12. Mathematical Theory of Control Systems design. Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Publishers,1996
  13. Control of Systems with Aftereffect. American mathematical Society,vol.157,1996
  14. Introduction to the Theory and Applications of Functional Differential Equations.Dordrecht,Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999.

Lecture notes for students (MIEM Press )

  1. Stochastic Stability and Control.1983
  2. Stability of Controlled Systems.1987
  3. Control under Stochastic Disturbances.1988
  4. Approximate and Numerical Solutions of Optimal Control Problems.1989
  5. Differential Games.1990

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