Dr. Mikhail Pivovarov


Office Address

     Space Research Institute
     Russian Academy of Sciences
     Profsoyuznaya St. 84/32
     117810, Moscow, Russia
     phone:  +7(095) 333-50-45
     fax: +7(095) 913-30-40
     e-mail: mpivovarov@iki.rssi.ru


Professional Experience

Principal Areas of Research Summary of Research

Papers and Presentations at International Meetings and Conferences



List of Major Publications

1. On secular and periodic term of precession in Euler-Poinsot problem.Spacecraft orbit and attitude determination, M. Nauka, 1975 (in Russian).

2. Spacecraft attitude determination taking into account gravity-gradient and magnetic torque, Cosmic research, (translation from Russian. Kosmicheskie Isedovanija. Consultants Bureau, New York} 1979,17, 1, 159.

3. Isochronous derivatives in Euler-Poinsot problem, Cosmic Research, 1979, 17, 4, 622.

4. Resonance oscillations of a spacecraft containing wheels. Space Research Institute, Preprint N 550, 1980 (in Russian).

5. Preliminary results of "Intercosmos-17" spacecraft attitude determination. In: Data Processing for "Intercosmos" Program. M. Nauka, 1982 (in Russian).

6. Spacecraft rotation evolution due to the torque, which is constant in the spacecraft frame. In: Data Processing for "Intercosmos" Program. M. Nauka. 1982 (with A.I.Neustadt) (in Russian).

7. Method of determining the actual attitude of the Intercosmos-Bulgaria-1300 satellite, Cosmic research, 1983, 21, 5, 690 (with P.E.El'iasberg).

8. Spacecraft attitude motion due the torque, which is constant in the body frame, In: Space missions data processing. M. Nauka, 1983 (in Russian).

9. BULGARIA-1300 spacecraft orbit determination using magnetic field measurements. Proc. of Gagarin Symposium on space dynamics and aviation, Moscow, 1984 (with I.K.Bazhinov, in Russian).

10. Determination of the AES Attitude from the angular velocity data, Abstracts of IAF, IAF-84-364, 1984, Lausanne, Switzerland,(with P.E.El'asberg).

11. Determination of the attitude of an artificial Earth satellite using angular velocity measurements, Cosmic research, 1985, 23, 3, 331.

12. On rigid body rotation evolution due to small selfexcitation, Mechanics of solids, 1985, 6, 23.

13. Adiabatic invariant calculation taking into account crossing separatrix, Space Research Institute, Preprint N 1128, 1986(with A.I.Neistadt),(in Russian).

14. Attitude motion of a spacecraft with magnetic moment, Cosmic Research, 1986, 24, 6, 816.

15. Evolution of the rotation of a dynamically symmetric gyrostat with internal friction, Cosmic research, 1987, 25, 3, 370.

16. Damping the magnetic moment satellite oscillations by using magnetic hysteresis, Cosmic Research, 1989, 27, 1, 55.

17. Evolution of Rotation of a satellite with a damper flywheel, Cosmic Research, 1990, 28, 1, 17.

18. Oscillations of a rigid body with toroidal cavity filled with viscous fluid, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 1990, 52, 2, 201 (with F.L.Chernous'ko).

19. Liquid damping of librations of satellite with magnetic moment, Cosmic Research, 1990, 28, 6, 865.

20. Experimental study of toroidal liquid damper, Cosmic Research, 1990, 28, 6, 874 (with S.G.Gultyev and N.A.Eismont).

21. Magnetically stabilized satellite attitude motion and differential equations with owly changing coefficients. Proc. of the 3rd International Symposium on Spacecraft Flight Dynamics, 1991, Darmstadt, Germany.

22. Magnetically stabilized satellite with viscous annular damper attitude motion. Proc. of the International Symposium on Spacecraft Ground Control and Flight Dynamics, 1994, S.J dos Campos, Brazil (with P.Triska and J.Vojta).

23. On magnetically stabilized spacecraft oscillations, Mechanics of Solids, (translation from Russian. Mekhanika tverdogo tela. Allerton Press, Inc. New York) 1994, 3, 5.

24. Regular and chaotic motion in the satellite orientation problem, Proc. of the 2nd European Solid Mechanics Conference, 1994, Genova, Italy (with V.V.Beletsky and E.L.Starostin).

25. Dynamics of tethered system deployment and operation, Cosmic Research, 34, 1996, 1, 106 (with S.I.Klimov et al).

26. Regular and chaotic motions in applied rigid body dynamics,CHAOS, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 1996, Volume 6, Issue 2, 155 (with V.V.Beletsky and E.L.Starostin).

27. Rigid body rotation evolution due to a disturbing torque which is known in a body frame, Acta Mechanika, 1999, Vol.133, No.1-4,239 (with L.O.Ferreira and R.V.F.Lopes).

28. Chaos in spacecraft attitude motion in Earth's magnetic field, CHAOS, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, 1999, Vol.9, No.2,493 (with V.V.Beletsky and R.V.F.Lopes).

29. Separatrix crossing in dynamics of dual spin stabilized spacecraft, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2000, to be published (with A.I.Neishtadt).

30. Nonlinear Problems in Attitude Motion of Orbiting Coupled Bodies, submitted to 4th EUROMECH, Metz, France, 2000 (with V.V.Beletsky).