main parameters

Total mass (with cables)

3695 g;

Total power

5.7 Watts at 28 Volts;

Sensors with 3He proportional counters

Small Detector  (SD) with thin polyethylene moderator and cadmium shield; 

Medium Detector (MD) with medium polyethylene moderator and cadmium shield; 

Large Detector (LD) with thick polyethylene moderator and cadmium shield;

Scintillation block

Internal scintillation sensor (Stilben) for high energy neutrons (SC/IN); 

External scintillation sensor (CsI) for anti-coincidence (SC/OUT);

Thermal properties

Instrument has thermal stabilization system to keep temperature between –30оC and +40оC at all external conditions and at all regimes of work, which has cooling radiator and internal heater.

Operational regimes

Heating regime;

Duty regime;

Mapping regime;

Burst regime

Telemetry output

For each “synchronization” pulse from GRS with time interval from 12 sec up to 1 hour HEND sends the telemetry:

    “Duty” frame with keeping data (92 bytes) in Duty regime 

    “Standard” frame with 6 spectra (212 bytes) in Mapping regime

    “Profile” frame with 6 spectra and 2 profiles (512 bytes) in Burst regime