The Russian instrument HEND on board spacecraft “2001 Mars Odyssey” has accomplished the 1st month of space operation


At June 2nd the Russian instrument HEND has accomplished the first month of space operation on board of NASA interplanetary spacecraft “2001 Mars Odyssey”. All sub-systems of HEND operate normally, and all main parameters correspond to the nominal values. During about one month of operation HEND has detected three cosmic gamma-ray bursts GRB0508, GRB0517 and GRB0523.

In June 4th and 5th HEND has observed the phenomena of solar activity. They started at noon of June 4th by powerful flare of gamma-rays (see left peak in Figure), which was followed by a cloud of high energy protons ejected from the Sun (see profile in Figure). Than, at about 9 am of June 5th, another strong flare of solar gamma-rays was detected (see right peak in Figure), but this time the interplanetary media around Odyssey was not perturbed. 

Instrument HEND has been developed in the Institute for Space Research by the order from Russian Aviation and Space Agency, and it has been implemented on the US spacecraft in accordance with the Implementing Agreement between the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.

HEND Principal Investigator                     I.G. Mitrofanov

June 7, 2001