HEND registered powerful Solar flare 

In August 16th HEND registered powerful solar evevnts. The flare was observed other near-Earth spacecraft too. 

This phenomenon was seen as a sharp increasing of flow of charged particles (See figure1) as well as a significant increasing of the quantity of neutrons. (See figure 2). These neutrons, possible, are secondary particles, which were produced by energetic protons in the substance of spacecraft.

The Solar events of such type should be taken into account for any future expeditions on Mars, because the secondary neutrons will introduce the noticeable contribution to a full doze of radiation. The future space travelers should be protected from secondary neutrons produced by solar flares.

Instrument HEND has been developed in the Institute for Space Research by the order from Russian Aviation and Space Agency, and it has been implemented on the US spacecraft in accordance with the Implementing Agreement between the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.

HEND Principal Investigator  I.G. Mitrofanov

August 20, 2001