The Solar flare calibrates of HEND before arriving to Mars


About 20:30 Moscow times on Saturday of August 25 HEND registered another high-power solar flare, which also was detected by other near-Earth spacecrafts. This event was observed as sharp and short pulse of X-rays (see figure 1) and gamma-rays (see figure 2). Particles from this event until now are not observed, but they also can be detected at the nearest o'clock.

HENDís solar flares data are very interesting, as they allow looking on the solar explosion from another line of sight than from the Earth. These data also give a natural condition for additional physical calibration of HEND, which is ready for arrival to Mars in October 23, 2001.

Instrument HEND has been developed in the Institute for Space Research by the order from Russian Aviation and Space Agency, and it has been implemented on the US spacecraft in accordance with the Implementing Agreement between the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency.

HEND Principal Investigator †††††††††††††††††† I.G. Mitrofanov

August 27, 2001