List of currently available key parameters for Interball Auroral Probe.

  1. Orbital data : INTERBALL AZ GSE and GSM cartesian coordinates, GSE cartesian velocity (once per 10 minutes).
  2. Interball  AZ probe energetic particle data (2 min): Electron fluxes in 26-29 and 25-28 keV energy ranges and proton fluxes in 18-24 and 20-26 keV from DOK-2 experiment. Status flags of DOK-2 experiment included.
  3. Magnetic field data from IMAP experiment. Magnetic fileld absolute value and magnetic field index (the difference between absolute value and model value), status flag.
  4. Measurements of spectra and anisotropy of electrons witin energy ranges 20-45 keV from two time-of-flight detectors EM-1-1 and EM-1-2 from SKA-3 experiment.
  5. Ion Composition (PROMICS).  Counts of H+ and O+ ions are accumulated during one spin period by detectors D6 (antisunward looking), D8 (spin plane), D10 (sunward looking) of TRICS2 subsystem (1.0-30 keV).
  6. Low energy ions dynamics in the polar ionosphere and magnetosphere (HYPERBOLOID). Ion composition and 3-D distribut functions,    M = 1-32 (with H+, He, O++, O+ routinely), 0.1 < E < 80.  Hyperboloid  key  parameter  plots are only intended for qualitative event identification.  For  further  information,  high  temporal  resolution data, and distribution functions, please email to (PI,CETP/CNRS, France) or (co-PI, IKI, Russia).
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Description of archive and KP files formats

Archive structure:

 All key parameters files location on stda, directory    /ftp/ibkpp/dat/aurora .
subdirectory names

 data description 

../iae  Auroral Probe(AP) energetic particle data 
../iam  AP magnetic field data 
../iao   AP orbital data 
../iar    Electrons  witin energy ranges 20-45 keV from SKA-3 
../iap   Ion composition
../iah    Low energy ions dynamics (HYPERBOLOID)

Filename conventions:

ASCII files formats

    yddd hh mm Xe Ye Ze Xm Zm Vx Vy Vz SFo
    yddd hh mm Ba Ib

    Ba                            absolute value of magnetic field vector
    Ib                            magnetic field index
                                secund value alvays 00

    yddd hh mm ss Fe1 Fe2 Fi1 Fi2 SFe1 SFe2 SFi1 SFi2

    Fe1, Fe2, Fi1, Fi2            fluxes from low energy electron, high energy, electron,
                                                                          first and second ion sensors,  respectively   (DOK-2)
    SFe1 SFe2 SFi1 SFi2          corresponding status flags

    yddd hh mm ss  Trp   E1  E2

    Trp                                             temporal resolution parameter, smaller value means slower mode.
    E1,E2                                          electrons  eE=20-45 keV for EM-1-1 and EM-1-2, counts/s.

    yddd hh mm ss D6H D8H D10H D6O D8O D10O SFp
    D6H, D8H, D10H                   H+ counts (three directions).
    D6O, D8O, D10O                 O+ counts (three directions).
         SFp                                       PROMICS status flag.   
    yddd hh mm ss  DenH+ VxH+ VyH+ VzH+ TH+   DenO+ VxO+ VyO+ VzO+ TO+

        DenH+                          -  H+  ion density,  1/sm3,
            VxH+, VyH+, VzH+   -  H+  ion velocity components,  km/s,
              TH+                           -  temperature H+ ions, Kelvin,
       DenO+                            -  O+  ion density,  1/sm3,
           VxO+, VyO+, VzO+     -  O+  ion velocity components,  km/s,
             TO+                             -  temperature O+ ions, Kelvin.

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