Data Archive

Data of INTERBALL project.
  • Solar-Terrestrial Data Archive
  • IKI Satellite Situation Center. Interball & Interball-related orbital information. Graphical and ASCII data with Interball orbits, expected crossings of magnetospheric regions and conjunctions with other spacecraft and ground facilities.
  • Interball publication lists for 1996-1997, 1998, 1999. Some references are in Russian.
  • DD-system WWW interface. DD is a network system for storing, processing and plotting of any kind of scientific data. It includes selected INTERBALL full-resolution field and particle data. Password is required (except description).
Interball Data Archive contains data produced during Interball mission: raw data, data files produced by express-analysys and preprocessing systems, orbit and attitude data files, key physical parameters, Magion-4,5 subsatellites data files and other types of data.

Express-analysys data is available for Interball participants within 1 day after telemetry session, level 1 processed data - within 2 weeks. Key physical parameters (KP) are calculated from the level 1 data and are stored in CDF and ASCII formats. All Interball participants have free access to all project KP. For selected intervals (for example, during IACG campains) KP are in public domain in ISTP database at NASA GSFC. Now main efforts of the Interball team are oriented on the development of the level 2 Data Archive.

Archive consists of 2 parts: online storage and offline archive. About 250GB of external disk storage now are used for Interball online access. This space is used for online storage of the selected data produced during first years of mission. Data from archive is available by ftp for Internet users.

All other Interball data is stored on magnetic tapes and CD ROMs and is available by request.

Auxiliary Data available
Auroral ProbeTail Probe
Attitude data filesAttitude data files
Orbit data filesOrbit data files
Time correspondenceTime correspondence
Sessions passportsSessions passports
Magion-4 Sessions List  (1995-1997).

We provide authorized access to the instrument data. This means that you should have username and password to be able to access this data. In order to obtain an account you should prepare a reguest specifying which data do you need. This request should be signed by the Principal Investigator of the instrument who authorises you to use his data.

List of PIs of Auroral Probe List of PIs of Tail Probe