Laboratory facilities for science education and research


  • Laboratory studies related to space projects.
  • Calibration and tuning of onboard science instrumentation
  • Training of students in the framework of Space Physics master program.


    Infrared spectrometer based on acousto-optical tuneable filter. The instrument is built on the spare model of Mars Express/SPICAM instrument IR channel. It consists of acousto-optical tuneable filter (TeO2 crystal) with electronic package and radio-frequency acoustic wave generator and two photo detectors Hamamatsu G5832-11 which register radiation of certain wavelength and polarization. The monochromator provides spectral measurements in the range 1.11.7 μm with resolving power of 1700.

    The facility allows researchers and students to study spectral photometry, quantitative spectral analysis, inverse problem solving methods, to measure reflectance spectra and scattering phase functions of solid materials related to planetary science.

    Powerful solid-state laser facility. It is based on the phosphate neodime glass laser with the pulse energy up to 60 J, duration of 0.33 ns and the wavelength of 1.053 μm, nonlinear crystal with aperture 100x100 mm for frequency doubling, laser amplifiers, profile forming systems, spatial filters and vacuum target chamber.

    The facility will allow to study physical aspects of powerful laser system design, to simulate impact processes in the Solar System, to carry out research on the interaction of laser radiation with matter.

    The launch of the system is scheduled to late 2006.


    Institute of Laser Physics Research of Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIIEF, TRINITI State Research Center and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)


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