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Tail Probe and Magion-4 images

Tail Probe launched on August 3, 1995
Auroral Probe launched on August 29, 1996

INTERBALL is the solar-terrestrial programme aimed to study various plasma processes in the Earth magnetosphere by the system consisting of two pairs (satellite-subsatellite) of spacecraft above the polar aurora and in the magnetospheric tail respectively. Each pair of spacecraft consisted of a Prognoz-type satellite and smaller Magion-type subsatellite. The INTERBALL was a part of of the Programme coordinated by the Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) for Space Science consisting of representatives of the European Space Agency (ESA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Russian Space Agency (RKA) and Japan Institute of Space and Aeronautics Sciences (ISAS). According to this Programme a system of ten core spacecraft of the above agencies was to be spatially distributed between the L1 and L2 Sun-Earth libration points to study solar-terrestrial relationship.

  • Goals of the Interball Project presented by A.Galeev, IKI director at the time of the mission

  • Main results of the INTERBALL project
  • Основные научные результаты проекта ИНТЕРБОЛ

  • Auroral Probe Instrument List
  • Tail Probe Instrument List

  • MAGION-4 subsatellite
  • MAGION-5 Operation on Orbit
  • Функционирование КА МАГИОН-5 на орбите
  • MAGION-5 Cold Plasma Data
  • Conferences and workshops


    We provide authorized access to the instrument data. This means that you should have username and password to be able to access this data. In order to obtain an account you should prepare a reguest specifying which data do you need. Contact person for data requests is Dr. Anatoly Petrukovich.

    Solar, interplanetary and geomagnetospheric events during INTERBALL operation