Zvenigorod Symposium

First Announcement

     New achievements in the satellite instrumentation, the availability of simultaneous multipoint observations, and rapid advances in numerical simulations allow us to study various fundamental problems not only in magnetospheric and ionospheric physics but also in basic plasma physics. We propose to hold a meeting designed to integrate these efforts and identify future opportunities for cooperative studies.

     The INTERBALL space mission (INTERBALL-1 with its subsatellite MAGION-4 in orbits with an apogee of 30 RE, and INTERBALL-2 with its recently reactivated MAGION-5 subsatellite in orbits with an apogee of 3 RE) continue to provide a vast quantity of solar wind, magnetosheath, and magnetospheric observations as a part of an unprecedental "fleet" of spacecraft now in orbit which includes GEOTAIL, AKEBONO, WIND, SOHO, POLAR, and FAST, together with several low-altitude and geosynchronous satellites, and an extensive network of well-organized supporting ground-based geophysical observatories.

     The INTERNET and direct contacts have enabled numerous effective cooperation projects between the various satellites teams. SCOSTEP guidance played a significant role in international efforts to ground based and satellite observations. IACG (Inter Agency Consulting Group) campaigns 1 and 2 on "Nonlinear dynamics in magnetotail" and "Boundaries in Collisionless Plasma"gave an added impetus to joint studies. This makes coordinated efforts especially fruitful.

     It should be noted that some of the INTERBALL Project results were already published in special issues of Ann. Geophys., v.15, N 5, 1997; Cosmic Research, v.36, N 1 and N 3, 1998, and some are in preparation (Ann. Geophys., 1998; Cosmic Research, v.36, N 6, 1998; N 3, 1999). Besides, many papers are already published in other journals.

     Now is the time to further stimulate the fruitful analysis of these multi-point measurements, modelling and theoretical efforts to deepen the understanding of space plasmas, substorm and storm processes, non-linear and/or stochastic behaviour of the real near- Earth's plasma, properties of magnetopause, cusp, mantle and boundary layers. As a part of these efforts, the Space Research Institute (IKI, Moscow) will organize a topical symposium "DYNAMICS of the MAGNETOSPHERE and ITS COUPLING TO THE IONOSPHERE at MULTIPLE SCALES from INTERBALL, ISTP SATELLITES and GROUND-BASED OBSERVATIONS" during February 1999 at Zvenigorod (a resort 50 km from Moscow). The meeting will ficuse on INTERBALL results, but certainly will include results of other space projects on these topics and related modelling and theoretical research. The total amount of participants expected is about 100-150 (based on our experience at the preceding Workshop in Finland, during February 1998).

     Please find below the detailed list of the main topics which the members of the INTERBALL community are currently studying. We will try to give some preference to presentations directly related to these topics. Our aim is to concentrate efforts on studies of important new problems which can be addressed by the multiple scientific payloads of the ISTP program.

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