Examples of the raw magnetic field information, obtained with the MIF-M instrument/ASPI wave complex.

The graphics present (from the bottom):

  1. CTssni - time of the SSNI = Boarding time code
  2. Tpram - time of the PRAM instrument (aquisition computer)
  3. Opmo - operatio mode
  4. Bx - DC magnetic field with a fixed amplitude calibration; X component
  5. Bort - DC abs(Y+Z) components; fixed amplitude calibration;
  6. Bmod - DC full abs value; fixed amplitude calibration;
  7. Bx - DC; X component; autocalibration
  8. Bort - DC; abs(Y+Z) components; autocalibration
  9. Bmod - DC; full abs value; autocalibration
  10. F1-F7 - filters

The color lines present FFT from the AC magnetic field (Waveform); Bwx, Bwy, Bwz - from the bottom.

The digital rows at the image bottoms contain:

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