Solar Wind Conditions

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Data Source

These data are derived from measurements taken by the WIND spacecraft's SWE and MFI experiments. This spacecraft is a component of the NASA/ESA International Solar Terrestrial Program (ISTP.)

The solar wind propagation delay time calculation used here is conceptually similar to the T(IMF) calculation in Kelly, et al., JGR 91, 5629, 1986.


PRELIMINARY DATA - not for citation or scientific use

For information on this dataset, contact Drs. Ron Lepping and Keith Ogilvie at Goddard Space Flight Center

Solar Wind Ion Density

Solar Wind Speed

Solar Wind Ram Pressure

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Magnitude

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Y(GSM) Component

Interplanetary Magnetic Field Z(GSM) Component

Cross-Polar Cap Potential

See NASA's spacecraft trajectory plots for WIND trajectory information.

Note: Very high values of Solar Wind Speed, Solar Wind Pressure, IMF Magnitude and Bz, and Polar Cap Potential are likely indications that WIND has reentered the Earth's magnetosphere; such data is not indicative of solar wind conditions or impending severe geomagnetic disruption.
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