Substorm fine structure - last update: 10 May 1998, 1000 UT (RR)

Just as magnetic storms are composed of substorms, the substorms themselves seem to be composed of smaller scale events. The concept of "multiple substorm onsets" was even included in the substorm definition by Rostoker et al. (1980), and there is a huge amount of studies verifying the existense of substorm finestructure. Processes with two different time scales seem to be operating but, as yet, there is no concensus on the terminology.

5-10 min (recurrence time 10-20 min)

1 min (recurrence time 1.5-3 min)

The impulsive character of substorms has also been investigated by Murphree and Elphinstone (1988), Williams et al. (1990), Shephard et al. (1990); Sauvaud et al. (1987); Krimigis et al. (1979), Scholer and Roth (1987); Sergeev (1977).


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