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The main purpose of the Magnetospheric Yellow Pages is to provide links to space physics data servers. However, we also provide a list of magnetospheric physics Projects. Some of these project pages provide access to data and others do not. In general the page listed in the Projects Pages directory will not directly provide access to data but may provide links to data access at a lower level. A good example is the ISTP Project Home Page which provides a starting point for information about ISTP but which requires some clicking to find how to actually access the data.

The list of Project Pages starts with a list of projects such as the ACE Satellite project, the ISTP Program, and the Ulysses Satellite project.

Clicking on one of the project names takes you to a list of links to web sites for that project.

Then by clicking on one of those links you jump to the remote site that is listed - e.g. whatever web server actually hosts those web pages.

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