How to Use The Magnetospheric Yellow Pages

The Magnetospheric Yellow Pages provide easy links to space physics web pages all over the world.

Those links are organized into four "directories":

Each directory starts with a list of categories. For example the directory which lists project pages starts with the ACE Satellite project and continues through the ISTP Program and the Ulysses Satellite project.

Clicking on one of the categories takes you to a list of links to web sites for that category.

Then by clicking on one of those links you jump to the remote site that is listed - e.g. whatever web server actually hosts those web pages.

The Data Server directories are sorted two ways to make navigating easier. One directory lists data servers by the type of data that they provide (e.g. magnetometer data). The other directory lists data servers by the institution that maintains the data server (e.g. the University of Colorado). Both lists contain exactly the same list of remote links. The only difference is the way they are sorted and the list of categories at the top of the page.

The Magnetospheric Yellow Pages also include some Information and Help pages (like this one) and a Site Navigator that lets you get around easily.


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