IKI - MSR Research Workshop

Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Russia
11 June, 2009

Title: The Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre
Speaker: Jean-Jacques Levy, INRIA

The Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre was founded by INRIA, Microsoft Corporation, and the Microsoft Research Laboratory Cambridge. The Centre's objective is to pursue fundamental, long-term research in formal methods, software security, and the application of Computer Science research to the Sciences.

The research programme at the Joint Centre is presently divided into two tracks. Track A, Software Security and Trustworthy Computing, comprises three projects: Mathematical Components, Tools and Methodologies for Formal Specifications and for Proofs, and Secure Distributed Computations and their Proofs. Track B, Computational Sciences and Scientific Information Interaction, comprises four

Projects: Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions, ReActivity, Adaptive Combinatorial Search for E-Science, and Image and Video Mining for Science and Humanities.

We will review some of the recent results achieved at the Centre, three years after its creation.

More info at: http://msr-inria.inria.fr