IKI - MSR Research Workshop

Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Russia
11 June, 2009

Title: Technologies of short term space weather forecast
Speaker: Anatoly Petrukovich, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Science

Monitoring of interplanetary medium in front of Earth is currently the only tool to provide highly reliable quantitative, although short-term (several hours), space weather forecast.
  • forecast accuracy due to solar wind irregularities;
  • forecast adequacy due to variability of magnetospheric dynamics and methods of conversion of solar wind measurements into geomagnetic predictions;
  • practical reliablity of automated Web-based system of forecast;
  • Possible usage of advanced spacecraft technologies for future missions. A L1 Sun-Earth libration point, 1.5 mln km from the Earth, is ballistically convenient place for such a monitor, ensures the lead time of a forecast of about 1 hour. To increase the lead time one need to shift closer to the Sun, e.g. with the large area solar sail.