IKI - MSR Research Workshop

Space Research Institute (IKI), Moscow, Russia
11 June, 2009

Title: Multiscale dynamics of nonlinear processes in cardiac myocyte model
Speaker: Elena Surovyatkina, Space Dynamics Department, Space Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, selena@iki.rssi.ru

The problems of the investigation of the large dimensional complex system and the control of complex processes are well known. The application of the statistical methods solves problem of calculation and analysis of most typical, mass processes and its changing in time. However, using statistical analysis it is impossible to determine a physical mechanism of the complex phenomena which is the key to find the control methods of complex system. The complex system processes is extremely labile to external control and variable to broad spectrum states and consequences which are not always equiprobable. It is known that control of such system is possible just at the detection of the stable enough regularities as the invariants by the lability and the variability. Identification and determination of such invariants is possible by model experiments.

I will present a method for detection of the lability and variability invariants based on the bifurcation analysis by example of the electrical conduction system of a single cardiac cell described by the large dimensional complex model. I will show that obtained result of the multistability mechanism is invariant by both the lability of the control process and also variability of states of objects.

Finally, I will point out that suggested approach is not restricted to a certain application and applicable for complex system analysis of different nature, for example, in geophysics for invariant detection which is based a complex phenomena, and also in technology for control methods of complex systems.