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General Hints

These hints are for my own system--Netscape 3.01 on a Macintosh. Your browser may have other, equivalent features.

   You can make the text more legible by using a larger font:

    --On the menu bar, go to Options menu.
    --Select General Preferences.
    --Got to option Fonts and increase the size to 14 or even 18.
Because shorter lines are easier to read, in most sections here the width of the text is limited to 65% of the available space.

   To Disable Images --On the menu bar, go to Options menu. Note that the line "Auto Load Images" is checkmarked. Click on it and checkmark disappears. No images will now be loaded, unless you click on the substitute icons inside the document. Disabling the images speeds up loading from the web--although in "Stargazers" images load quickly, most of them are small and have reduced palettes.
--To cause images to be loaded again, repeat the procedure to restore checkmark.

   To get the most out of "Stargazers" take your time.... a great deal of material is covered here, and it is best assimilated one small portion at a time. Some parts (especially among those marked "(a)" etc.) can be skipped or skimmed.

--Use the Glossary
--To study the material more closely, make a printed copy. Before doing so, change the font to a smaller size, e.g. 10 or 12. See above for instructions. Make sure to restore old setting after printing is done! You might also disable the images (except for line drawings), since on many printers they do not reproduce well, and some waste toner by coming out black.

   You may send me questions at the e-mail address on the bottom of the page, and I will answer as many as time allows . Please include your full name, age (or grade, college year, science background), regular mail address and e-mail address at which you are sure to be reached (it's frustrating to compose a detailed e-mail reply and have it bounced back as undeliverable!).

  Also, please, only questions that are significant to you--I won't do students' school assignments for them! In the future, if "Stargazers" adds a question-and-answer section, I may use some of the questions received, without identifying the writers (I might use first names or locations, though).

Enjoy your visit!

Author and Curator:   Dr. David P. Stern
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Last updated 25 November 2001