SEMEN S. MOISEEV (1929 - 2002)


Professor Semen S.Moiseev was the outstanding scientist well known in the world scientific community. He was co-author in 5 monographs, review papers in the Journal "Soviet Physics Uspekhi", the serial edition "Problems of Plasma Theory" and in the two volume book "Problems of XXI Century Geophysics". The list of his publications includes more than 270 papers. He had 3 patents and more 8 author certificates on inventions. S.S.Moiseev was both Ukrainian State prize-winner of 1977 year and USSR State prize-winner of 1987 year in the field of science and technique, Honoured scientist of Russian Federation, Honorary member of Russian Academy of Astronautics. He received grants of outstanding scientist of Russia, was awarded by a medal in honour of Moscow 850-years and 4 medals from Russian Astronautics Federation. During a number of years he was the convener of scientific sessions at EGS General Assemblies. He participate actively in URSI General Assemblies and was the member of organizing committees of several large international conferences, in particular, International Workshop on Nonlinear and Turbulent Processes in Geophysics (Kiev, 1983 and 1987 years). S.S.Moiseev trained more than 20 PhD scientists and 10 Doctors of Science. Much time he devoted to the development of international collaboration working at the world known scientific centers, for example, in the MHD Research Center of Ben-Gurion University (Israel) and Nieuwegein Institute of Plasma Physics (Netherlands).

S.S.Moiseev's scientific career started at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of USSR Academy of Sciences (Siberian branch, Novosibirsk). Then he worked in the Physico-Technical Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (Kharkov) and from 1980 - in Moscow, at the Space Research Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The field of his scientific interests clasped a wide spectrum of scientific researchs, in particular, the following ones: