The Scientific Programme Sections

  1. Mode conversion in inhomogeneous, nonstationary and nonlinear media (description methods, exact solutions, waves generation, the effective dissipation of energy, a wave barrier transillumination, the radiation of slow waves from the inhomogeneous plasma, applications in plasmas and hydrodynamics).

  2. Coherent structures (large-scale instabilities, nonlinear stabilization, the influence of helicity and rotation, structure forming precursors, numerical simulations of coherent structure evolutions, applications in hydrodynamics, plasmas and natural disasters forecasting),

  3. Turbulence (analytical descriptions, computer simulations, the direct and inverse cascades for an energy and helicity, analysis of structure characteristics, interactions of small-scale components with large-scale ones ant their influence on energy and mass transport, methods to control of turbulent pulsations power, applications in hydrodynamics and plasmas).