Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Test models of the TsTK-140 and TsMK-70 digital aerial cameras have been developed and manufactured in cooperation with the ÀNO “Cosmos-NT” based on space technologies.
The TsTK-140 camera has been designed for black & white topographic stereo imaging. Large swath (22,000 pixels) and highly detailed imagery make it possible to use aircraft altitude ceiling at maximum.
The TsTK-140 camera is based on the AFA TE-140 camera optical unit. An electronic unit with a linear CCD and a unit for precision determination of absolute orientation angular elements are used instead of the film pack.
The TsMK-70 camera provides for aerial imaging in four spectral bands simultaneously (RGB and near-IR).
Imaging control and image data flow registration is fulfilled by the onboard computer. This allows image acquisition control in real time.
Image data characteristics and advantages