Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The department was founded and headed by Yan L. Ziman since 1973. In 1988 Genrikh A. Avanesov took over from him. Since 2003 the Department has been headed by Anatoly A. Forsh.
The department is more than 30 years old. During these years we contucted studies of the Earth, the Moon, the Halley comet, the Mars and its moon Phobos. We also developed precision attitude control systems for the "Mir" orbital station, International space station and "Yamal" communications satellites.
Optico-Physical Department (booklet)
Since its foundation the department has been colaborating with the leading space-oriented companies of our country, including the Lavochkin Association, the RSC "Energiya", the Samara Space Center, the NPP VNIIEM and others.
If you would like to work in the field of space studies and device engineering, we are waiting for you.