Anatoly A. Forsh graduated from the Faculty of Phisics of the Kishinev State University in 1970. In 1975 he defended the PhD thesis in math and physics (speciality physics of semi- and non-conductors).  
At the Kishinev University he was involved in scentific activities and teaching.
Since 1983 A. Forsh has been the deputy director and then the director of the Special Design Bureau "Optoelectronika", created at the Kishinev University on the initiative of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences..
A. Forsh supervised a particular scientific research including development and introduction into practice of systems for optical data registration using semiconducting materials
Four PhD theses were defended under his scientific advising. In 1987 he became a laureate of the Moldavian SSR State prize.
A. Forsh has been working at the Optico-Physical Department of the Space Research Institute since 1993.
At present A. Forsh heads the works on developing astroorientation high precision instruments – star and solar trackers, as well as the works aimed at both increasing efficiency of the Earth research from space and coordinate referencing of the imaging data obtained.
    Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences