The BOKZ family instruments have been designed for precise determination of spacecraft triaxial attitude control parameters in real time based on images of the arbitrary starry sky segments.
The BOKZ family instrument is a monoblock with the digital TV camera based on a CCD-array, a signal processor based computer and a secondary power supply unit.
Since 1999 twenty one star instruments of the BOKZ family have been launched to the nearterrestrial orbits onboard the International Space Station and ten Russian spacecraft of various types.
The development of three more modifications BOKZ-, BOKZ-24 BOKZ-2 is completed. The next generation trackers BOKZ-F and BOKZ-3 are being developed.
According to the contracts concluded it is planned to manufacture about forty BOKZ family instruments of various modifications before the end of 2010.
Test results and prospects
    Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences