Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The special digital scanning camera has been developed in cooperation with N "Cosmos-N" for ground panoramic imaging. The camera provides for unique panoramas of up to 1.2 Gpixe and color depth of 48 bit. The principle of image formation is mechanical scanning with the precision rotary unit. The obtained imagery high quality and level of details are reached due to advanced optics and low-noise linear CCDs.
We propoe to look at the examples of the obtained panoramas – Moscow panorama imaged from the Moscow State University viewing site, town of Tarusa and the Space Research Institute biulding.
If you like these panoramas and you wish to have any in your collection, you can download the reduced copies after registration at our site.
The orinal images can be printed with a photographic quality on a panel with a length of up to 25 meters or used for circular panoramas.