Yan L. Ziman graduated from the Kharkov military aviation and navigation school in 1941. Then he fought at the 2nd World War for 4 years. After the war he taught navigators-aerophotosurveyors. In parallel he graduated from the the MIIGAiK faculty of aerial surveying and then worked at this faculty. Y. Ziman began to work on the problem of Earth imaging from space.  
He has been working at IKI since 1967. In 1972 he founded the department "Earth Research from Space", created the magazine with the same name and the "Intercosmos" working group. He headed the creation of the aircraft laboratory for simulating Earth research from space, the first in the country space experiments on the multiband photo- and optico-electronic imaging and development of the grounds for space system being designed for Earth research from space.  
The deapartment headed by Ziman prepared and conducted large scientific projects on TV-studies of the Halley's comet and the Martian moon Phobos from interplanetary stations.
Today Y. Ziman works in the field of the Earth remote sensing, space flights navigation support, introduction of space technologies into the aerial survey practice and transfers experience to young scientists. Seven PhD theses were defended under his scientific advising.
More than sixty years of labour activity, 45 years of work in the field of space science and technology, more than 150 scientific publications and 30 inventions, supervision of many incipient space experiments - this is a short service record of Yan Ziman.  
    Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences