Head scientist of Space Research Institute (IKI) of Russian Academy of Sciences, Ph.D in Flight Dynamics(1971), graduated from Moscow Institute of Aviation (1962) and Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University (1968).
Affiliation: engineer, senior engineer in now Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (1961-1968); researcher, senior researcher, head scientist in head scientist in Space Research Institute (IKI) (1968 up to now).
Area of expertise: flight dynamics including mission analysis and design, design, spacecraft attitude determination and control, orbital maneuvers.
Publications: total 58, 18 of them in international journals and conference proceedings. Most recent relevant to the problem are the next: 1.Experimental Investigation of Toroidal Fluid Damper., Cosmic Research, 1990. vol.28, No.6, p.874. 2.Onboard Algorithm for Attitude Determination of Spin Stabilized Spacecraft of INTERBALL Project Based on Optical Sensors and Magnitometer measurements, Proc. of the International Symposium on Spacecraft Ground Control and Flight Dynamics, 1994, Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, p.32. 3.Attitude Control of MAGION Spacecraft, in book "INTERBALL Mission and Payload", 1995, CNES-IKI-RSA, p.114. 4.The Attitude Sensor Controller, in book "INTERBALL Mission and Payload", 1995, CNES-IKI-RSA, p.93. 5.Attitude Determination and Control of the Satellite and Subsatellite in INTERBALL Project, Cosmic Research, 1996, vol 32, No.4.