Curriculum Vitae: Stanislav I.Klimov

Born on 27 June 1937 in Tula region, Russia.

Head of Laboratory for Electro - Magnetic Emissions Investigation, Department of Space Plasma Physics, Space Research Institute (IKI), Russian Academy of Sciences.

S. Klimov graduated from Department of Physics, Moscow State University (1966), received Ph.D. of physics-mathematics in 1984, Doctor of Scinces of physics-mathematics in 1994.

S.Klimov became head of the IKI laboratory in 1986.
He was PI of vector DC electric field experiments aboard Cosmos 484 (1972) and Cosmos 721 (1975), DC and ULF/ELF wave experiment aboard Mars-6,7 (1973), AC ULF/ELF wave experiment aboard Intercosmos-10 (1974-1975) being Intercosmos-10 Project Scientist.
He was PI of the combined wave diagnostics wave and field experiments on Prognoz-8 (1980), Vega-1,2 (1984-1986) and Prognoz-10 (1985); Co-PI of that of Phobos-1,2, Mars-96 ELISMA Wave Consortium.The combined wave diagnostics includes the simultenious measurements and spectral analysis of electric and magnetic fields, plasma currents and AC partical fluxes.

Now he is the Scientific Manager of ASPI experiment INTERBALL TAIL PROBE and APW-R Relict-2 wave and field experiments and WEC Cluster wave experiment Co-I. The laboratory he leads also includes the electrostatic and magnetic cleanliness and EMC group. Now this group use the experience from the previous projects for the study of the electro-magnetic enviromnent of the MIR orbital station and in the future experiments of the International Space Station.

He has more than 100 publications.

Subjects of scientific interest:

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