I.M.Sidorov, V.A.Frolov, G.V.Veselova
"Creation of Space transportation system on the base of large length rope utilization
(results of advance research)"

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Brief context

A given address contains the proposal to equip the International Space Station with the long rope and to create on that base a Space transportation system. The rope itself is fixed to the "bottom" surface of the station and at equilibrium state is located along the Earth radius down the Earth center. When oscillations are excited the whole system looks like a Space oscillator. The rope's tag is equipped with the special device with the docking unit, where to the payload is delivered by the rocket from the Earth. A given system has the multifunctional purpose.
  1. The rope system could execute the function of booster and by means of existing rockets to deliver the payload of much bigger mass forward to the station and back to the Earth.
  2. The rope system could be the base for creating of alternative system of station angular orientation.
  3. To utilize the rope system to launch small satellites from the station and to return them back.
The overviewed delivery system has a very important property. Providing the exchange of equal masses is taking place at the docking unit (the cargo mass pushing to the station is equal to mass, pushing back to the Earth) the whole rope system is a conservative system of forces. Because of this fact the process of masses exchange needs no additional power consumption. It means that the proposed rope system allows to use the energy of going down to the Earth cargo for delivering the payload to the station.

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