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Image ers0009050149

September 05, 2000
North-west Pacific
Japan Sea

The Primorye Current off the southeastern Russian Primorye coast (Japan Sea).
The Primorye (Liman) Current is the main cold current in the Japan Sea. It follows along continental slope at the distance of 18-30 km from the coast and has maximum speed at a depth of 100 m. In the image, current waters are visible as the darker band gradually thinning southward. Within the band, there are two predominant orientations of the dark features: parallel to the current direction and normal to it. It is likely that the orientation is determined mostly by the current gradients rather than its direction. A narrow band of relatively high radar backscatter along the coastline represents likely a coastally trapped gravity current or internal bore. The sea surface temperature (SST) here is 19-19.5°C as opposite to the colder Primorye Current waters where SST is equal to 14-14.5°C. The difference between the SST and air temperature changes from -2.5°C over the cold waters to 2.5°C over the warm waters.

Supplementary data
NOAA AVHRR image (channel 4, September 6, 2000)
Image intensity profile

surface geometry : 100*100 km
image size: 680pxl*711pxl

Leonid Mitnik , Vyacheslav Dubina