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Image ers9909270202

September 27, 1999
North-west Pacific
Japan Sea

The image covers the area of the East Korean Warm Current (EKWC) in the Japan Sea. The EKWC flows to the north along the eastern coast of Korea. It is separated from the coast at 38°N and flows to the northeast where it meets the cold subarctic waters and forms a subarctic front in the Japan Sea along approximately 40°N. The SAR image shows a situation when the coastal southward North Korean Cold penetrated to the 36°N and formed the arched convergence zone with the radius of 50 km on the western side of the EKWC. Surface films trace an offshore jet at left-centre of the image (section A) and the EKWC front (section B). The NRCS variations caused by filamentary slicks in the EKWC area is shown in section C.

Supplementary data
NOAA AVHRR MCSST (September 26, 1999)
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Layered Ocean Model (NLOM) SSH and current analysis (September 27, 1999)
Chlorophyll-a concentration (SeaWiFS, September 22-28, 1999)
Image intensity profiles A, B, and C

surface geometry : 100*100 km
image size: 680pxl*713pxl

Leonid Mitnik , Vyacheslav Dubina