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Image ers9609020202

September 02, 1996 at 02:02
Japan Sea

Several IW packets are clearly visible on ERS-2 SAR image taken on 2 September 1996 at 02:02 UTC. They appear to propagate in at least three different directions. Some of the IW packets are oriented approximately parallel to the depth contours (blue lines). Two packets propagate northwestward. They contain about 10 rank-ordered solitons with monotonically decreasing distance between them (from about 4 to about 0.5 km) as may be inferred from the sections A and B. A packet on the upper left propagates onshore. It may be assumed that dark bands in this packet where the NRCS values decrease to -12 dB and less are due to the appearance of biogenic slick in the coastal zone. Some interaction is observed among packets propagating in different directions.

Supplementary data
Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Layered Ocean Model (NLOM) SSH and current analysis for 02 September 1996.
Image intensity profiles along sections A, B and C.

surface geometry : 100*100 km
image size: 680pxl*712pxl

Contact: Leonid Mitnik , Vyacheslav Dubina