Situation investigations for the longterm planning of the IACG CAMPAIGN # 2 "Boundaries in collisionless plasma"

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The first stage of the IACG Inter-Agency Consultative Group for Space Science Campaign 2 was started in the spring of 1997. The main aims are the studying the overall shape of the magnetopause, and the transfer of mass, momentum, and energy across or along the magnetopause and adjacent boundary layers, using data from all the missions simultaneously running.
More about Campaign #2 scientific tasks, organization and status see the Web site:
Campaign # 2

This WEB site provides the simulative orbital situation analysis for selection the multisatellite favourable spatial positions (FSP) in accordance with the scientific tasks of the Campaign 2. The orbits as follows are considered: INTERBALL TAIL PROBE (IB_TAIL), MAGION 5 (IB_MAG5), & AURORAL PROBE (IB_AUR) (RKA, Russian Space Agency), POLAR (NASA) and GEOTAIL (NASA & ISAS Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences, Japan).

The long-term calculations for 1997, 1998 was modified at November - December 1998. The orbital situations prediction for 1999 will be available soon. Click year number to access the situation analysis results.

The results of this simulative calculations are used during selection the events for the multipoint investigations planning.

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Prof. Ravil Nazirov,

Victoria Prokhorenko

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Scientific coordinator
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Dr. Serge Savin