The simulative geophysical regions cross-sections coordinates
(extension ".gsm")

The following parameters as a function of the Moscow time (MT=UT+1h) are enclosed in this file.

1. no Orbit number
2. Mtyymmdd Moscow time date (YYYYMMDD)
3. Thhmnss Moscow time Mt=UT+3h (.hhmmss)
4. T(H) fAN Time countered from Ascending Node
5. name Simulative geophysical region name
6. i/o Simulative geophysicl region in/out
7. Hs (km) Altitude above the reference ellipsoid
8. R(Re) Geocentric distance
9. Xse = Xgsm (Re) Solar-ecliptic -
10. Yse (Re) - coordinate -
11. Zse (Re) - system
12. Ygsm (Re) Solar-magnetospheric coordinate -
13. Zgsm (Re) - system
14. Znsh (Re) Neutral sheet distance from the XY GSM plane
15. DZpsh (Re) Simulative thickness of the plasma sheet
16. CGL d Corrected geomagnetic latitude (deg)
17. ARSE d Angle between Radius-vector and Earth-Sun direction
18. MLTf Geomagnetic local time (h) in the magnetic footprint
19. MLTs(h) Geomagnetic local time (h) in the sdatellite position
20. LTse(h) Solar-ecliptic local time (h) in the sdatellite position
21. GLONF Geografical longitude (deg) of the magnetic footprint
22. GLATF Geografical latitude (deg) of the magnetic footprint
Dr. Victoria Prokhorenko
Last modified 17 January 1999