The summary plot of the time distribution of the multisatellites magnetic conjugation

  • The summary plot shows the monthly time distribution of all predicted magnetic conjugations between four spacecraft considered. The days are shown along X axis and Universal time along Y axis.
  • To show the time of conjugation, in frame of the corresponding day for each SC the corresponding colour and line are used:
    • for the first SC the red color and the first line are used,
    • for the second one - the turquoise and the second line,
    • for the third one - the pink color and the third line,
    • for the fourth SC - the dark blue color and the fourth line are used.
    On the plot the SC names are shown by the corresponding colours.

  • The summary plot permit to find the simultaneous magnetic conjugations of 3 and even 4 satellites.
  • But it is necessary to realize, that some of the multisatellite conjugations (of 4 SC) is simply the simultaneously conjugation of two couples of the satellites in the diferent parts of magnetosphere. The corresponding numerical files help to clarify each multisatellite conjugation.

    Dr. Victoria Prokhorenko
    Modified 19 November 1999