The F1 format description

The initial orbital data are distributed in the F1 format, which contains orbital elements as a the state vector (the spacecraft position and velocity vector) in the inertial frame (Standard reference of the Earths Equator and Equinox J2000).

This data set includes the following information:
INT The Project name
ITZ The spacecraft name
01 The Format number
0001 The Message number
01 The Number of the message version
00001 The Orbit number
030895 The Date (Day, Month, Year)
011330887 Universal time corrected (hours, min, s, ms)
-001451.596 The spacecraft - (km)
-008276.384 - position - (km)
+000000.000 - vector (km)
+3.35109584 The velocity - (km/s)
-4.23559072 - vector - (km/s)
+7.86668273 - components (km/s)

The F1 format for this data looks as follows:






The last line contains the checksum and the end of data symbol ZZ.

Dr. Victoria Prokhorenko
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Last updated 25 July 99