MIR track prediction for INTMINS campaign APRIL99

Modified 11 April 1999.
The last modifications concerns to the new ground tracks selection on the base of the more wide list of the INSPIRE particpants. The criteria of grond tracks selection was changed as well. The range value was changed from 2 deg to 4 deg for the distance between lat/lon of the graund track and place of the INSPIRE members.

The predicted MIR's ground tracks, which pass near INSPIRE net, are available in this home page.
This tracks are precalculated on the base of the orbital elements detrmined by the
KIAM RAN Ballistic center.

During INTMINS operations scheduling this calculations are taken into account by PIs in parallel with its own MIR track predictions based on the MIR's TLE elements.

The track serlection criteria

To find the magnetic cojugations the calculations as follows are used:

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Description of the parameters presented in the track's file

For each selected time the parameters as follows are shown:

Universal time: - hhmnss
Satellite altitude (above reference ellipsoid), km - Hs
Geographical longitude and latitude of the satellite, deg - GLONS, GLATS
Geographical longitude and latitude of the footprint, deg - GLONF, GLATF
Magnetic field line length (earth radii), Re - arcln
Angular distance between footprint and SP, deg - angdst
Selected place (SP) number and country code - #-CC
The selected place name - place

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The used state vector

The calculations was done on the base of the orbital elements, determined by the Ballistic center of the KIAM RAN Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics Russian Academy of Sciences The last predictions was done on the base of the following state vector (shown in the Greenwich rotated coordinate system)
Epoch 19990329 (YYYYMMDD)
UT 101151.86 (HHMNSS.MS)
x 4010.36762 km
y 5396.55023 km
z 0.00000000
vx -3.44055755 km/s
vy 2.55788495 km/s
vz 6.04516378 km/s
Balllistic coefficient 0.02500000 (CD*FM(m^2)/M(kg)*g0(m/s^2))

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Dr. Stanislav Klimov
PI of the INTMINS project
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Modified 11 April 1999
Dr. Victoria Prokhorenko
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