Multi-Mission Situation Analysis

From: Victoria Prokhorenko < vprokhor@iki.rssi.ru >

The Multi-Mission Situation Analysis Tool (MMSAT) is developed recently and put into pilot expluatation in IKI Satellite Situation Center (IKI SSC).

MMSAT based on the operating experience during scheduling of the multi-satellite INTERBALL mission, which added a significant contribution into the international campaigns. We mean the international campaigns under the aegis of Inter-Agency Consultative Group (IACG) and ISTP: Tail Campaign 1 (1995-1996) and Boundary layers Campaign 2 (1997-2000).

The MMSAT is aimed to the multi-satellite situation analysis and multi-satellite constellations selection on the base of the arbitrary set of criteria. See the concepts of the multi-satellite constellations selection in the report: http://iki.cosmos.ru/vprokhor/constelv.ppt. The MMSAT can be applied as well to the situation analysing of the separate mission (satellite) and to the Ground based observations co-ordination with space missions.

The examples of the MMSAT application are presented at the IKI web server.
  • BLCAMP on Marth - July, 2001
  • TAILCAMP on June - October, 2001
  • CLUSTER II (ESA/NASA) on March - October, 2001
    The following missions have been chosen for illustration:
    The orbital elements distributed by the IACG/NSSDCA are used as the initial data for the orbit calculation.
    The following Ground Based Station (GBS) are included into consideration:
    3 station of the SUPERDARN NET and EISCAT.
    The simulations of the following campaigns are fulfilled for 2001:
    TAILCAMP (analogues to the IACG/ISTP Campaign 1),
    BLCAMP (analogues to the IACG/ISTP Campaign 2).

    We would appreciate any comments and suggestions.
    Contact: Dr. V. Prokhorenko vprokhor@iki.rssi.ru

    Dated 22 April 2001