Computer Networks: Problems & Solutions


"Computer Networks: Problems & Solutions" is a workshop, permanently functioning here in IKI ( Space Research Institute, Moscow, Russia) from November, 1994. It is a monthly seminar, devoted to a wide range of problems, which all of our colleagues may meet in their network activity.

Dr. Ravil Nazirov is the head of the workshop, and Andrew Ananjev is the secretary of the workshop.

The working language of the workshop is Russian ( usually, but in special cases it may be announced as English). The workshop is used to be held in the last decade of the month, preferably on Tuesdays.

Next session

Dear friends, after long summer vacations we resume our regular work. The next session will take place October 29, 1996
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Mailing List

There is "CONPAS" mailing list which you can join to discuss issues of problem solving and to be automatically notified of important dates and decisions with respect to the coming sessions. You can join the list at any moment by yourself, or ask for assistance.


Secretary of the Workshop: Andrew Ananjev
Phone: +7 (095) 333-24-02
Room: 327, local phone: 75-14
Last update Oct 23, 1996.