Space Research Institute


International Conference MSS-14


Moscow, 24 - 27 November, 2014

Second Announcement

      The International Conference "Mode Conversion, Coherent Structures and Turbulence" will be held in the Space Research Institute of RAS during the period from 24 up to 27 November 2014. This Conference is devoted to Prof.S.S.Moiseevs memory regards to his 80-th year birthday. The conference MSS-09 is the sequel of international conferences MSS-04 and MSS-09 which were held in the Space Research Institute of RAS in November 2004 and November 2009.

      The international conference MSS-09 is organized by Space Research Institute with participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Dynasty Foundation, the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Researches, the European Geosciences Union, the Education and the Scientific Council on Nonlinear Dynamics of RAS.

      The working languages of MSS-14 conference are both the Russian language and English one.

      Please inform the Organizing Committee (MSS-OC) if you need the visas support and the hotel reservation. For the hotel booking it is necessary to submit to MSS-OC the following information : the number of rooms, the duration of hotel stay, the room requirements and so on. The information on the visas get-up and hotel reservations including Moscow hotel sites will be given later.

Instruction for the papers preparation to the MSS-14 conference proceedings.

      We plan to publish the MSS-14 Conference proceedings before the beginning of the Conference. Persons interested in publishing their talk in the MSS-14 Conference Proceedings should submit their papers electronically to the Organizing Committee on the following e-mails:

The deadline for manuscript submission is 1 August, 2014.

The Instruction for papers preparation :

  1. The paper text and figures must be in black-white colour

  2. The paper file must be MS-Word files ( paper.doc or paper.rtf )

  3. The page parameters are as the following: A4 format, Top margin and Bottom one - 5,9 cm; Left margin and Right one 4,9 cm; Layout footer 1,25 cm. The text sizes without page number must be : its width 11,2 cm and its height 16,7 cm

  4. The paper language must be the Russian or English (only single choice is allowed)

  5. Other requirements:

    • For the paper text please use Times New Roman 11pt with 1 interval between lines
    • All indentions have break off - 1 cm
    • The paper title (Bold, CAPITAL Letters) must be centered
    • The authors, Major headings and Subheadings are centered on a separate line
    • The name of Institute or University, e-mail ( must be centered )
    • Abstract (without break off). Then must be its text
    • The section title (it must be centered, Bold, Capital)
    • The formula numbers must be at right
    • Please dont numerate the pages in your paper
    • Others details are on the author discretion
  6. The each paper volume must not exceed 6 pages

The paper examples for MSS-09 proceeding are given below.

The manuscripts which dont satisfy requirements given above will not be considered!