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Plasma Phenomena in the Solar System: Discoveries of Prof. K.I. Gringauz - a view from the XXI century

Moscow, Space Research Institute of RAS, 9 11 June 2008

The conference is devoted to the 90-th anniversary of Professor Konstantin I. Gringauz a pioneer of in-situ plasma measurements in space, who discovered solar wind, plasmapause, and cometopause. The conference will provide a framework for discussing solar wind formation, its variations, interaction with planets and local interstellar medium, physical processes in different regions of planetary magnetospheres and ionospheres. Presented reports may be based on experimental data and results of theoretical studies.

Main scientific topics of the conference:

1.Physical processes on the Sun and solar wind formation.
2.Dynamical processes in interplanetary space and solar wind interaction with local interstellar medium.
3.Solar plasma interaction with the Earth and planets; physical processes in magnetospheres.
4.Cold plasma in magnetospheres of the Earth and planets.
5.Some questions in the theory of space plasma.

Program committee: L.M. Zelenyi (chairman), M.I. Verigin (vice-chairman), T.I. Gombosi, G.A. Zherebtsov, V.D. Kuznetsov, L.F. Lemaire, M.I. Panasyuk, A.V. Stepanov, E.D. Terreshenko, I.V. Chashey, I.S. Veselovsky.

Local organizing committee: G.A. Kotova (chairman), M.I. Verigin, Yu.I. Yermolaev, O.S. Akentieva, M.I. Yanovsky, I.I. Afatkina, O.V. Kochnova, A.N. Ustinov, L.I. Kornilova, D.V. Chugunin.

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Abstract submission

Deadline for abstract submission is 5 May 2008.
Abstracts should be written in English.
Use Microsoft Word with 12 pt Times or Times New Roman font. The size of an abstract is limited by half of a page of 210x297 mm with 3 cm margins everywhere and line spacing - single.
Please submit your abstracts to e-mails: and

Registration fee

Registration fee for participants is 200 EU.


Contact Organizing committee by phones: +7 (495) 333 32 89 Galina Kotova
+7 (495) 333 32 89 Mikhail Verigin
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